• Glenn Goldberg is one of the bright lights of the New York City art world. Early exhibitions include the deeply respected Willard    Gallery owned and operated by Miani Johnson. In the 1990’s Goldberg and painter Michael David were the two young art stars at Knoedler Galleries. Recently the Jason McCoy Gallery on 57th Street exhibited a one-man exhibition of Goldberg’s paintings. His show received a glowing review from Roberta Smith in the New York Times on August 8th, 2013. His use of patterning and overlapping textural dots of color, provoke one to consider and reconsider dimensions in space and time.

  • Goldberg now teaches at Queens College where he received his B.A. and M.F.A, as well as the Cooper Union. His awards include the 1998 Heilman Artist Swarthmore College; 1996 Margaret Hall Silva Foundation; 1989 National Endowment for the Arts; 1988 Guggenheim Fellowship; 1984 Edward Albee Foundation. He serves regularly as a visiting artist/lecturer at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont.

  • The work of artist Glenn Goldberg will be on view from March 3rd through the 6th at the Art on Paper New York fair. Approximately 20,000 attendees will have the opportunity to view this unique work and learn about industrial hemp.

  • In collaboration with master paper maker Paul Wong at Dieu Donne, Goldberg will translate his iconic imagery from paint to hemp. The entire installation will be produced from industrial hemp, bringing the notion of paper and working on paper down to its most basic roots.

  • Glenn Goldberg will include a series of drawings made with sheets of hemp paper he received as a gift from Morris Beegle of the Colorado Hemp Company made from the first legal harvest of hemp in America in more than 50 years.

Panel one
Joel Bedard
The Vermont Hemp Company
Tim Callahan
Alembic Studio
Mike Lewis
Director, Freedom Seed & Feed
Jamie Petty
Founder, Indiana Hemp Industries Association
Eric Steenstra
Executive Director, Hemp Industries Association
President vote Hemp
The Principal of The Vermont Hemp Co, Joel T Bedard, has a strong and varied background. Joel is 1990 graduate of the University of Vermont College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, with graduate work in Water Resources Management at the University of New Hampshire. Joel Bedard has achieved numerous professional certifications in soil and wetland disciplines in his 10 years as a natural sciences professional, followed by fourteen years in the sales and marketing of IT solutions for Fortune 100, 500 and 1000 businesses. With a strong network of professionals with complimentary business skills and decades of activism for Industrial Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis applications, Joel is uniquely positioned for success. The work being performed by the Vermont Hemp Company is in alliance with researchers at The University of Vermont and the State of Vermont Agency of Agriculture and has drawn international attention. Bedard is a founding member of the Vermont Hemp Industries Association and an affialite of the National Hemp Association. Locally, The Vermont Hemp Company and Bedard support Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, the Senator Leahy ECHO Center, The University of Vermont, the State of Vermont and numerous advocates for clean water and sustainable agricultural practices. On the rare occasion that Joel is not focused upon hemp and clean water, he can be found enjoying the company of his wife, Barbara and their 2 Tervuren whilst quaffing one of his collaboration hemp ales in their historic Vermont farmhouse. 
Tim Callahan has lead design build projects across multiple disciplines since 1976. His design talents and building expertise have produced acoustic musical instruments, timber frames in the Japanese and European traditions, blue water sailboats and custom residences. As a former owner of a General Contracting company, specializing in custom homes and commercial buildings, Tim has advocated for the development of building standards that improve upon existing American building methodologies; he has been engaged in ongoing research and experimentation with the integration of natural materials and high-efficiency building systems. In 2005, Tim co-authored the book “Building Green”, now in its 2nd English and French editions. 

In the wake of the 2030 challenge in 2007, he committed himself to focusing on the design of net-zero projects. In 2008, while in design development for a Passive House project he and his business partner were introduced to hempcrete wall systems, and the material proved appropriate for the project design and performance goals. This revelation led Tim and his associates to design and engineer the Nauhaus Prototype- the first hempcrete home designed to meet Passive House standards in America. Today, Tim and the team at Alembic Studio, continue this work. Alembic Studio, LLC is the leading design firm in the US specializing in energy-efficient hempcrete construction, while offering a full range of design, technical analyses, and construction management services.
Since 2009, Michael Lewis has been a busy man. From becoming a husband and father to contributing as a Kentucky Proud farmer who is a Veteran of the 3rd U.S. Infantry, The Old Guard, he has proven how invaluable honorable service can be. He began full-time farming in 2010 and, after supporting local farmer’s market and community supported agriculture efforts throughout 2011, founded America's first Veteran Oriented food security organization, The Growing Warriors Project, in 2012. Growing Warriors, which has helped over 65 veteran families grow more than 18,000 pounds of organic food, exists to equip, assist, and train our nation's military veterans in agriculture production for themselves, their families, and the nation. In 2013, Michael was a celebrated recipient of Kentucky’s Local Food Hero Award, an honor granted by Seed Capital Kentucky and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to exceptional individuals who promote local, farm-fresh food grown in Kentucky. Chosen from supporters who cast almost 2,600 votes, Michael stands out among 1,450 of his fellow Kentucky farmers for agricultural contributions he’s worked tirelessly for over the past several years, giving so many access to Kentucky-grown food straight from the farm. He has also served as a member of the Kentucky Industrial Hemp commission and operates America’s first federally permitted Industrial Hemp farm, Healing Ground Farm. Michael is currently the director of operations for Freedom Seed and Feed, a hemp production, processing, and genetics company he co-founded in 2013. At the close of 2014, Yahoo lauded Michael as one of eight people who “Made our World a Better Place,” touting his efforts with Growing Warriors and its movement to promote projects across multiple states. Compassionate and unfaltering, Michael’s impact is undeniable—even a brief conversation will show that his vision is contagious and will, as we work together, bring about the growth and change that Kentucky, the U.S., and our good green Earth so markedly needs.
Jamie Campbell Petty built her career as a successful litigation paralegal that continued to evolve over 20 years, while also volunteering in various service roles to support youth, as well as her own military community. Jamie now resides on a small, but ever-expanding farm in rural Indiana, where she and her husband are learning to depend upon smaller living systems.

Jamie's lifelong appreciation for agriculture shows in her countless victories for industrial hemp in Indiana and nationally. Coupled with her desire to serve, Jamie founded the Indiana Hemp Industries Association (INHIA) in 2014 and assembled a strong team of volunteers. Through tireless effort, she successfully lobbied for Indiana's hemp legislation, and continues to support efforts to remove unnecessary barriers for Hoosier farmers. Jamie has fostered partnerships with Midwest agriculture leaders, while building out the HIA chapter platform that interconnects businesses, organizations and community outreach.
Eric Steenstra has 23 years experience in the hemp industry including as a co-founder of the pioneering hemp company Ecolution, as a former board member and current Executive Director of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) and as a founder and current President of the political advocacy group Vote Hemp.

In 1993, Eric cofounded and created the pioneering hemp brand Ecolution with cannabis activist and business leader Steve DeAngelo. Ecolution created a popular line of 100% hemp clothing and accessories sourced from Hungary and Romania and sold to retail stores across the US, Canada and Germany. Eric managed the daily operations of the company and its growth to $2.5 million in annual sales and a staff of thirteen. Eric also built Ecolution’s award winning web site in 1994, one of the first Cannabis related sites on the internet.

Eric has been actively involved in the HIA since its inception in 1994 including serving as a board member, vice president and president. He currently serves as the Executive Director of the HIA and has overseen 250% growth in membership since he took over in 2008. Under his leadership, the HIA has advocated for industry standards for producers of CBD products.

Eric is the President and co-founder of Vote Hemp, a national grassroots non-profit advocacy group based in Washington, DC. Vote Hemp’s mission is to change state and federal laws to allow American farmers to once again grow hemp commercially. Under Eric’s leadership, Vote Hemp has been instrumental in getting pro-hemp legislation passed in more than 30 states. In 2005, Eric worked with Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) to get the first modern U.S. hemp legislation (H. 3037) introduced in Congress and in 2012 he worked with Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) to get hemp legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate.
Panel two
Morris Beegle
Colorado Hemp Company
Steve Bevan
COO Gen Canna Global
Ryan Loflin
Owner/CEO, Rocky Mountain Hemp Inc.
Donna Lupardo
Assemblywoman, Broome County
Trey Riddle
CEO, Manager, Sunstrand, LLC
Joel Stanley
CEO, CW Botanicals
Geoffrey Whaling
President, Pennsylvania Hemp Industry Council
Morris Beegle is a music and entertainment industry veteran starting off in the late 1980's with wholesale media giant The Handleman Company. In 1995 he launched Hapi Skratch Records, an independent record label and production company, and was involved in the development and distribution of thousands of independent releases. At the same time as starting Hapi Skratch, Morris was introduced to the hemp and cannabis movement from a hemp store owner in Fort Collins, CO where he picked up and read The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer. This book and time period set the stage for what was to come 15 years later.

In 2012 Colorado voters put Amendment 64 on the ballot to legalize recreational marijuana and regulate it like alcohol. That amendment contained language that would also allow farmers to start growing industrial hemp. This ballot measure inspired Morris to launch Colorado Hemp Company, and soon after, TreeFreeHemp.com, a hemp paper and printing company. In 2014 Morris created and produced the first NoCo Hemp Expo which now is in it's 3rd year and has become the largest hemp-centric trade show and conference in North America. He sits on the business advisory board for PureHemp Technology and the National Hemp Association, and also sits on the editorial advisory board of The Hemp Business Journal.  
Steve Bevan is the COO of GenCanna Global, Inc. a privately held company that is positioned to become the world’s leading producer of Cannabidiol (CBD). GenCanna has been on the forefront of recognizing that CBD is the answer to alleviating many of the most debilitating conditions and diseases. As such, the company’s primary mission is to produce a sustainable and reliable supply of
specialized industrial hemp with high CBD/low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content.

With functional indoor and outdoor operations in Colorado and Kentucky; substantial nursery assets; high-quality inventory on hand; and plans for large scale production rollout, GenCanna’s achievements are the result of years of positive stewardship by its founders who have long invested in this emerging industry.

In order to continue its rapid success and growth, GenCanna has focused on developing strategic alliances and key partners at every opportunity while remaining dedicated to its tripe bottom line: economic, social and environmental responsibility through the production of industrial hemp of the highest quality.
Ryan Loflin of Rocky Mountain Hemp is the first American farmer in 57 years to grow, successfully harvest, and process a commercial-scale industrial hemp crop in the United States. This accomplishment has been chronicled internationally in major news outlets such as The Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Denver Post, The Guardian, LA Times, Yahoo news, etc.

Ryan is a fourth generation Colorado farmer who was raised on a farm that has produced alfalfa, corn, wheat and cattle. In 2012, Ryan Loflin created Rocky Mountain Hemp (RMH) and returned to the family farm, committed to advancing the hemp industry. The company is dedicated to leading efforts to legalize industrial hemp growth in the United States. Rocky Mountain Hemp continues to pursue the development of hemp seed genetics while perfecting the nuances of hemp farming in Colorado. RMH is building several hemp processing facilities in Ryan’s hometown of Springfield. RMH will create multiple hemp products at our Colorado facilities that include hemp pellets, hempcrete material, and hemp core powders. RMH will also be processing a cellulose insulation from recycled cardboard, newspaper and hemp stalks.  
Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo represents the 123rd Assembly District which includes the City of Binghamton and the Towns of Vestal and Union. She is in her sixth term and holds several leadership positions in the Assembly, including Chair of the Committee on Children & Families, Chair of the NYS Legislative Women’s Caucus, and Co-Chair of the Legislative Aviation Caucus. She also serves on the following Assembly committees: Economic Development, Environmental Conservation, Higher Education, and Transportation.

She is a leading advocate for the economic revitalization of Upstate NY, with a focus on clean energy and new niche agricultural markets. In 2014, she authored legislation creating New York’s Industrial Hemp Agricultural Pilot Program putting the state at the forefront of this emerging industry. Ten licenses for Universities to grow or partner with local farmers are currently being issued by the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, with the intent to have crops ready to plant this Spring.

Assemblywoman Lupardo grew up on Staten Island, graduating from Wagner College before pursuing a Masters Degree from Binghamton University. She was a Lecturer at Binghamton University's School of Education & Human Development for ten years before dedicating herself to community mental health education and public service. She served on the Broome County Legislature from 1999 to 2000 and is the first woman to represent Broome County in the State Legislature. 
Trey Riddle, PhD is has worked as an entrepreneur, engineer and manager in a variety of different fields. However, his work has primarily focused on polymer composites materials, and for the last three years his work has specialized in biomaterials for composite applications. Dr. Riddle started his career in composites as a Mechanical Engineer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's National Wind Technology Center (NREL). In that capacity he designed and performed accelerated static and fatigue structural testing on industrial scale composite wind turbine blades. Dr. Riddle also pioneered reliability analysis of industry scale gearboxes based on transient fatigue events.

The last company Dr. Riddle founded, prior to Sunstrand, was Gradient Engineering. Gradient Engineering is a Research & Development firm dedicated to providing analysis, product development and testing solutions to the fiber reinforced polymer composites industry. The team at Gradient developed the initial proprietary bamboo fiber extraction process now used by Sunstrand. During this work, Dr. Riddle became an expert on natural fiber composites and aware of the tremendous business opportunity in biomaterials. Based on this work, he determined that a new company should be formed to service this nascent industry. Sunstrand, LLC was organized and located in the State of Kentucky to optimize logistics and bring on industrial hemp products. Dr. Riddle received his BS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University and Masters of Engineering from Cornell University.
Joel Stanley attended the University of Colorado from 1998 to 2002. When Joel was 21, he bought his first business in flooring and restoration, thus beginning his entrepreneurial path. If money were no object, professional fly-fishing would have been his first occupational choice. Nevertheless he has strived to remain self-employed throughout his career. Joel asks, “Why have one boss when you can have 300, right?” Before entering into the brave world of hemp and medical cannabis, he was a fluids engineer in the oil and gas industry. Joel continues to find fulfillment taking a chance on this career shift.

After decades spent advocating and knocking at adamantly closed doors, Joel and his brothers now marvel as little children, like Charlotte Figi, possess the key to open those same doors. Joel says, “Sometimes it takes something we all can sympathize with, something that gets to the core of us, like a suffering child, to help open our eyes. And then, some even admit that maybe we have been wrong about this issue.”  

Aside from the pleasure of seeing people get well, Joel loves witnessing these families break through the propaganda and dogmatic expressions that have come from our collective fear. Joel remains honored through this journey and hopeful that the Charlotte’s Web stories will continue to open doors. 
Geoffrey W. Whaling is the CEO of AgriNext, a company focused on the development of the Industrial Hemp crop and Industry. He is the President of the Pennsylvania Hemp Industry Council, Founder and Board Member of the Coalition for Access Now 501c4 and a member of the leadership team of Cannabis World Conference and Business Expo – producers of the 2 most innovative, entrepreneurial, and relevant business-to-business cannabis industry events in the nation, serving all sectors of the legalized cannabis business. He is the retired CEO of North American Motorsport Events (NAME), Inc. and the GoodSport Management Group of Companies.

Whaling’s areas of expertise are wide ranging given the complexity and diversity of his government, business, entrepreneurial and philanthropic work. His strengths include strategic communications, government and public affairs/relations, business-to-business marketing and partnerships, sponsorship sales, large-scale multi-element blockbuster event production, merchandising, fundraising and promotions. A profound sense of “wanting to serve” remains an integral part in his life, which has provided him with an opportunity to assist dozens of international companies, groups and organizations as they bring their products and issues to the North American markets.
Sunstrand, LLC

Mia Feroleto
Creative Director/Producer HEMP NY CITY

Mia Feroleto is a well-known art advisor, activist and artist who lives in Vermont. She was the creator of A SHELTER FROM THE STORM: ARTISTS FOR THE HOMELESS OF NEW YORK and ARTWALK NY, now a national event that opens well-known artists’ studios to the public to raise funds for the Coalition for the Homeless and other causes. She has organized many benefit auctions and events at major auction houses such as Sotheby's and Christie's and has served on the board of directors of such organizations as Dance Theater Workshop and Sculpture Center. Feroleto is the Founder and Chairman of the Vermont Chapter of Women Grow.

Feroleto is a committed animal rights and animal welfare activist.

She is determined to maximize visibility for the arts and our cultural world and is currently developing the Adopt An Artist Program to send artists to destinations around the globe in order develop their art.

In addition, she is working on creating a sustainable, creative community in Vermont. She can be reached at mia.feroleto@gmail.com.


As of March 6th, 2016, the association between HEMP NY CITY and Susie Cody was ended and all participation by Susie in the events that constitute HEMP NY CITY has been terminated.

As Creative Director and Producer of HEMP NY CITY, I, Mia Feroleto, conceived of and implemented virtually every aspect of the project including the writing of almost every word on the HEMP NY CITY website; the solicitation and procurement of every speaker who presented their work at both panel discussions; the obtaining of every dollar raised to produce these events and all in-kind contributions; the writing of all press materials; the overview of all design work including supervision of the design of the website and printed materials; the obtaining of both venues and coordination of all sponsors.

In an email to HIA President Eric Steenstra dated February 4th, 2016, Susie Cody writes,

"Firstly, it's more than clear that Mia is the sole organizer of the event, and I have been assisting her with the many duties that utilize my skills. Therefore it is logical that she be listed first in giving credit to the organizers. This event would not be happening without her vision."

These events were conceived of as being free and open to the public as a way of educating and informing the public on the benefits of industrial hemp. We have succeeded on many fronts with 20,000 people attending the Art on Paper Fair where they viewed the work of artist Glenn Goldberg all made from industrial hemp. In addition, over seven hours of videos are available on Youtube for anyone who is interested to view.

The events were organized in a little over three months and I am in the process of selling the art to pay the balance of the few remaining expenses. As a result, I have been harassed and my creative and intellectual property has been taken or intentionally diverted through the medium of the original HEMP NY CITY website. The work that Susie Cody has done has been systematically dismantled beginning with the HEMP NY CITY facebook page. My photo, contact information and half my bio went next and now and as of May 18, 2016, my name has been removed from the original HEMP NY CITY website. It appears that Susie Cody is trying to take credit for work she did not do.

If anyone has questions or would like additional information on the history of HEMP NY CITY or the new HEMP NY CITY website, please contact Mia Feroleto at mia.feroleto@gmail.com